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Badoo Ad Campaign Video Starring MOI!!!

18 May

I wanted to thank everyone again for helping me win the “Peoples’ Choice” award for Top Girl for the Badoo Project! Since April 26th until the end of May, you can see my face on billboards, taxi-cab tops, bus shelters, and lots of other fun media!

Out of the 26 winners, I was one out of 4 who were chosen to be featured in a video web spot for the ad campaign! Check out my ukulele and opera skills in this video — while RUNNING! Seriously, it wasn’t as easy as it looks!

Also, it was pretty neat how they shot it: They had a u-haul with a “gyro cam”, like what they use to film the top marathoners during a big race. This was as close to being an elite runner as I’ll ever be, since I probably won’t be able to run a 2 hour marathon anytime soon! Haha!

I had a loooooooonnnnnngggg shoot day: 12 hours! It was raining, though the cameras can’t pick up rain unless it’s a torrential downpour. Still, it was a lot of fun running through the streets of Manhattan, (literally) stopping traffic! We got lots of looks, and people were wondering “Who the heck IS that girl that they’re filming running in the street???”

Check out the video! And also check out Badoo.com! 🙂


I Love Being a Masochist! – The 2012 New York City Marathon

13 Apr

I’M IN! I just registered for my 7th New York City Marathon — my 12th full marathon altogether! WOOT! WOOT! *raises roof*

This year, I’m aiming for a finish time of 4 hours, beating my personal best from last year’s marathon of 4:34:33, which was 37 minutes faster from my previous personal best from the year before in 2010 of 5:12:17. This sounds crazy ambitious, but I’ve been challenged by my friends who think that I can do it. As long as I stick to my running schedule (which includes running when I really don’t feel like it), I should get as close to the 4 hour mark as possible!

Hey, that’s not bad for a girl who once weighed 240lbs and couldn’t even run HALF a block DOWNHILL!

And one day, I hope to FINALLY qualify for the Boston Marathon! I WILL eventually run a 3:35 marathon! Someday…:)

Looking forward to running the ING New York Marathon on Sunday, November 4th, 2012! It’s ON!!!