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Strudel the Elf

23 Dec

This is my first season working in Santaland at Macy’s as an elf. Strudel the Elf, to be precise. I get to make Christmas memories, working for the big man in red, and it’s a pretty sweet gig! Santa Claus is seriously the best boss EVER! 🙂

Naturally, I figured that Strudel should really have a theme song. I wrote this song right before the Christmas season really started back in November, but just recorded and edited the video for it a few nights ago.

Please check out my attempt at editing a music video for the theme song for Strudel the Elf! Oh yeah, it’s in German. In case you wanted the lyrics and translation, here it is below. MERRY CHRISTMAS! 🙂

Vocals & Piano: Teresa Hui, AKA MOI

Mein name ist Strudel die Elfe
Ich komme aus North Pole
Es ist gerammelt voll
Mein name ist Strudel die Elfe
Ich bin eine deutsche Elfe
Der Schnee ist sehr weiss
Wie auch Brad Pitt und Bo Bice
Ich bin eine deutsche Elfe
Santa Claus, Santa Claus ist mein freund
Ich bin eine super Elfe!

My name is Strudel the elf
I come from the North Pole
It is fully crowded
My name is Strudel the elf
I’m a German elf
The snow is very white
As well as Brad Pitt and Bo Bice
I’m a German elf
Santa Claus, Santa Claus is my friend
I’m a super elf!