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Teresa’s Badoo RAP!

18 May

I decided to write a RAP to thank all 4K+ of you guys who voted for me to get my own billboards all across New York City with the Badoo Project! And thanks to Badoo for all the love!

Enjoy! 🙂

Badoo Photos by Kenneth Cappello —

Music & Lyrics – Teresa Hui
Vocals & Keyboards – Teresa Hui


Badoo, Badoo, Badoo-oo-oo-oo-ooo-oo-oo-oo-oo — Badoo!

I’m just a girl from Brooklyn with big dreams
Grew up with Nathan’s hot dogs and egg creams
Spent most of my life in Brooklyn’s Chinatown
Where they simply have the best dim sum around

Recently I moved to Bensonhurst, BK
A really nifty ‘hood right by the bay
The pizza in this town just can’t be beat
They even now have dough made with whole wheat

The food in New York is simply the best
Have some of this, some of that, be our guest!
But we’re more than just great food, we have it all
From Broadway to the Met, even b-ball!
(Yo, Linsanity!)

This is the place to be to become a star
Whether you sing or dance or play guitar
I heard about a project for Badoo
A chance to be on billboards, a dream come true

Went to the shoot, the pros dolled me up
Accessorized, glamourized, for my close-up
When they took my photos, I felt at ease
After all, these folks shoot celebrities

My pics looked really hot, yeah, that was sweet
We even got to have some tasty treats
The experience was too freakin’ cool
All of you folks at Badoo rule!


The photos on the site had some hot dudes and chicks
Over 1,000 New Yorkers were in the mix
A few lucky folks would get to say “Hello”
Their face all over the city, that’s cool, yeah, fo’ sho’!

You had some judges choose the cream of the crop
And let the public vote on who should be tops
One girl and one guy to be the “Peoples’ Choice”
This was completely up to the voters’ voice

I told all of my friends, and they told theirs
Retweets and pins galore, and a ton of shares
From my fam to old buds I hadn’t seen in years
And even some celebs, wow, this had me in tears

I even wrote a song on my ukulele
Made a video so you would vote daily
Each day my votes went up, filled me with glee
4,000+ of you must really love me

When they announced I’d won, I was thrilled
One of my biggest dreams had been fulfilled
To be a New York billboard celebrity
And make it in the best and greatest city

I’d like to thank my voters for all the love
For all my guardian angels, watching from above
I couldn’t have done it all without you
And the biggest thanks of all goes to you, Badoo!



“I Can’t Believe It’s Happening to Me”: The Badoo Project!

10 Apr

On March 24th, 2012, I was photographed by celeb photographer Kenneth Cappello (who has worked with Justin Bieber, Zooey Deschanel, and lots of other big celebs) for the Badoo Project, a 3-day photograph-athon of 1,000 New Yorkers for the U.S. launch of social networking site, Badoo. They had Nick Cannon hosting on the first day, a DJ, a ping pong table, professional stylists, hair & makeup artists, and 4 famous photographers with the task of taking the “ultimate profile picture.” Out of the 1,000 portraits, a panel of judges would choose 22, and another 2 would be chosen by the public via Facebook “Likes”.

I’ve never been someone who has been “lucky,” at the very least. I have, however, had times where I was at the right place at the right time, and I suppose that’s “luck,” but I had to work very hard to put myself in those situations where any kind of “luck” could possibly occur. And when I heard about this “contest,” I thought to myself “No way!”, and I mean, out of 1,000 people??? ME?!?

Well, I decided to start campaigning for votes, and my high school days of running for student government came out. (Those of you who went to high school with me might remember my campaign slogan “Vote Teresa, She’s Better Than Pizza,” coined by my clever friend Danny Elstein! Though I had a feeling that calling myself “Better Than Pizza” might not work for this occasion. Though that little slogan did help me WIN the election my sophomore year and I ended up as treasurer!) In this case, I wrote a song and made a little YouTube video to try to get more votes:


I contacted everyone that I knew via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. to get their vote, and to my surprise, I had garnered over 4K+ votes in only 4 days!!! All of my friends really came out and supported me like they never had before, and the amount of love I received was astronomical! AMAZING!!! Even the Brooklyn section of the NEW YORK TIMES supported my Badoo Campaign!

On April 10th, 2012, the 26 (instead of 24!) finalists for the Badoo Project were officially announced:

Revealed! The 26 Winners of The Badoo Project – Badoo News.

And guess what? I WON!!! I was one of the 2 “Peoples’ Choice” winners! Out of 1,000 New Yorkers! HOLY CANNOLI!!!

Peoples Choice Winner - Teresa Hui

Check out all of the finalists:

I definitely have all of YOU to thank! This contest really showed me just how amazing all of you guys are, even the ones who I don’t know at all, supporting a complete stranger for a contest to end up on an NYC billboard! You all ROCK! Each and every single one of you!!!

I would like to extend a special thanks to Paw Dugan and TWITTER for helping me out tremendously in beginning of the contest to kickstart my votes! Wow. Just WOW! Love you guys!!!

Also, I have some amazing, beautiful, talented and wonderful friends who were also in this competition, and every one of them deserve a billboard! All of these lovely people WILL be famous, and you don’t need a contest to do it!

The Badoo ad campaign premieres in NYC on April 30th! Stay tuned! 😀

P.S. I chose that title for my post because I feel kinda like Kelly Clarkson.